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Our members, who are volunteers, are actively engaged in developments in the field of X-ray powder diffraction and related disciplines.

Membership consists of scientists from various affiliations - educational, governmental, and industrial.

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The interface is mobile friendly and allows advocates to narrow a shoppers focus by answering questions, offering interactive product recommendations, and adding products directly to their cart.Learn more & Order now PDF-2 is designed for phase identification of inorganic materials.Learn more & Order now PDF-4/Organics is a comprehensive database for phase identification combining both single crystal and powder diffraction data for organics and organometallics.Start from scratch, upload a PDF file, or choose a template.

Your digital magazine will then need videos, photos, and audio to make it as engaging and interactive as possible.Learn more & Order now PDF-4/Minerals is the most comprehensive collection of mineral data with nearly 97% of all known mineral types.



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