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Thanks for a great year ❤❤❤ Love, Memes, and Sorry: "Why do you obsess over people who will never know you exist? When., heard about Directioners in the pest thought about a realy Strong unit that suoported these 5 guys with al their hearts. ✨ - follow @hollywoodopinions read -1dgf_opinionsrules 💛 . Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best.

" Me: @and.Sorry for posting a ton about my animation but I'm just really really proud of it. Butl came to the realisation that al Directioners do is obsess ovelethe guy S, even though there are exceptons (the ones wno are açtualy niçe care for the boys). Inspirational Quotes Journal Africa, Energy, and God: Matthew -13 King James Version (k 11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

travel on tour w hinm just a caring warm happy dude A collection of my favorite bois Anna, Dank, and Funny: anna cee e @annaclendening Candid pics I take for my boyfriend vs.

ones he takes of me IM SOBBING @ THE SECOND PHOTO HAHAHAHAH ---------------- Personal: @gabbikinz125 Spam: @gabbidrinksbleach ---------------- Tags: dank meme memes tumblr textposts dankmemes radmemes memelord posts tumblrmemes tumblrmeme tumblrtextpost ig instagrammeme instagramtextpost funny lol lmao funnymemes funnymeme dankmemesig Ass, Be Like, and Memes: pi crabcorelover432 @madisonxblegh 2012: ur my fav bff ily XD RAWR 2014: I hate when people don't use proper grammar.

Politics, Candid, Ex-Regional Share Oldest First Tree Profound Campfire. Girls, Makeup, and Memes: I stalk hot girls on insta more than hot dudes. PHOTOGRAPHER: @lizaboone HAIR & MAKEUP ARTIST: Stacy Bisel STYLIST: Kassey Rich INTERVIEW: @thisisjaimee FASHIONS: The2Bandits, Huma Blanco and more Baseball, Cute, and Dad: Boys who would treat me right!!

(inspo @memeteen666) David Duchovny Nathan Zed lots of dad jokes -cook nice meals -the warmest smile????

But now, it's like a hobby for me and it's nice being able to socialize with people and have a second account for this fandom and be able to obsess over Amy Poehler and Benslie and Parks and Rec 24-7.


9 San Marcos What's better, being a liberal or having a lobotomy? Can say LGBTQIA super fast - Went to Pride once and was a lif terrified Big fan of pasta - Is trying their best - Loves avocado - Reads in the bath Strong supporter of Pluto - Has opinions about the colour of school subjects Complains about dead lesbian syndrome -Starts discourse with TERFs Thinks the new E1 coins are too shiny - All about the doggo and pupper liftestyle great dap 2bga LGBLT i do not have se with pans - Is the gay cousin - Obsessed with Yuri on ice Likes holding hands - Still listens to CDs - Wears black in the summer - Has dated someone with the same name Has no clue what their sexuality/gender actually is - Terrible at spelling - Hates Margaret Thatcher Doesn't kill spiders - Has no idea what's in the Top 40 Takes candid photos #aesthetic SOUNDS all i did this year was become more gay I' M NOT INTERESTED 14 EING POLITE OR HETEROSEXUAL I' M IN - Says 'that's so gay to the person theyre dating - Wants to save the bees but freaks out when they fly too close - Allergic to bullshit - Is a hot mess - Mixes up the Gay Agenda and gay T agender - Talks about The Straights -Once got glitter in their eye - Cries a lot Writes secret fanfiction - Went through an emo phase - Has a crush on Nicola Sturgeon Is very soft and sleepy Tag yourself ~Leia __________________ personal: @thatqueertheatrekid sexuality: pansexual gender identity: genderfluid prounouns: They-Them gay lgbt rainbow pan genderfluid love equality feminist trans lgbtqiapd ftm Makeup, Memes, and Mtv: ULKAN Known for her roles in Inkheart and Nanny Mc Phee, English actress and singer Eliza Benett (@elizahbennett) got candid with VULKAN as we discussed her portrayal of Jules in MTV’s Sweet-Vicious, creating characters that inspire women and how she dealt with the tough subject matter that came with the series.

And by ‘reflection’ we mean meditating on all those awkward mistakes we’ve made across our lives.

Americans don’t get it, they float through life unencumbered by their past dating mistakes, dwelling on them is a national hobby for us. Sharing oxygen is considered ‘too forward’ We all live in romantic paranoia that someone is either looking at us from across the street or noticing us looking at them. We can’t take compliments, like, at all I’m sick of Americans thinking they have a trademark on awkwardness.

Bae, Ghetto, and Life: If you're single, never obsess about getting in a relationship. In conclusion, I'm so happy how much this account has grown and I'm so glad that I was able to meet other people who love Amy Poehler just as much as I do. Friend: No but- Me: *whispers* They are redl Me: *slowly backs into a dark corner* They ARE real ❤️.

Obsess about financial freedom, about your health, and your inner-peace. And if anyone wants to talk or to make a new friend, my DM is always open. ~ The Jedi Avenger Bad, Disappointed, and Ex's: Idgf oelnions Part i Imvatve nawto a Im relatively new to this fandom, and I have to sav that l am disappointed. Memes, Work, and Best: Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess.Crazy, Memes, and Narcissistic: NARCISSISTIC SOCIOPATH They'll insult, belittle, and criticize you (sometimes in a teasing/joking way, pushing your boundaries until you finally speak up.



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