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Athletes include everything from Dave Davidson to Kyle Parrott.This list answers the questions, "Who is the best Canadian Olympian of all time? "America, Russia and Great Britain have the most Olympic medals out of every country that has been represented in the Olympics, but it doesn't mean that Olympic competitors from other nations don't deserve accolades as well.


He’s so good and I’m so happy and proud of him.” Brighton’s placings this summer have been mainly positive.The Clan faces Seattle Pacific on Saturday (7 p.m.) against Seattle Pacific (5-10). Homer equaled an all-time GNAC women’s record for most threes in a game by going 9-of-18 from beyond the arc and finished with 32 points in an 84-54 win on the road Jan. Martin’s, then shattered that record just 18 days later when she went 12-of-20 from distance, finishing with 40 points in an 78-65 win in Idaho over Northwest Nazarene.



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