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Actually Mimi was on somebody else's arm-- a woman! My jaw almost opened up enough for my food to fall out of my mouth. It also looked like Mimi was introducing her boo to her girl, Ariane, so you know it has to be serious.The two of them were mingling around and speaking to Mimi's peers and what not, but something is definitely gong on between the two. Not my cup of water, but maybe Mimi's new type is GIRLs!!Are some recent videos posted by Chris proof that she and Mimi have already broken up?


Mimi’s BFF Ariane was thrilled that this was also Mimi’s coming out as a lesbian party too but Mimi wasn’t really there for that label. He explained, “Mentally and spiritually, I identify as male, just in a female vessel.” Ariane’s not totally sold but is definitely being supportive of her bestie’s new relationship.I know exactly how Chris is in real life so that’s, one, my reason for that. Two, I’m very happy for Mimi and she has become a different person and I love the person that she is. I have nothing against her newfound sexuality at all. But for now, she’s making Donald Trump’s people’s proud.

, it was clear why the fifth season’s cast had to be separated. If she’s loving women right now, let her be the free spirit and love women. It seems like you are who are you both on camera and off.



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