Whitelabeldating revenue share the future of online dating

We advise partners on the smooth running and administration of their sites using our experience of the online dating industry.

You can be assured that you will receive the very best advice and support.

Each platform provides the capability to create your own Template, Branded or White Label dating solution.

It can be targeted at a market of your choice and supported by intelligent information, marketing tools and ongoing real-time analytical data to ensure you truly succeed.

For example, if you use the dating section of the Evening Standard or the Independent, it’s actually Global Personals you’re signing up with.

It’s called “white labelling” – a well-known company can launch a dating website with the company’s branding all over it, but Global Personals runs the back end.

The great benefit of being part of "Network" of dating sites - as opposed to just one site - is that you have the opportunity to meet lots more like-minded people As a member of one of our sites it is possible to restrict yourself to just the members of the one site you have joined by selecting the option on our SETTINGS page However, we really recommend that members remain open to other people from the other sites on our network - and 98% of member are OK with this All sites on our network are "Nice" sites aimed at people looking for friends and long term relationships. Our partner sites tend to be niche or personalised to a greater or lesser degree.


are white label dating experts, running many internet dating sites using platforms such as World Dating Partners and White Label Dating.

View news article In an attempt to further support their partners, White Label Dating will be rolling out a new CRM programme with useful tips and advice to help maximise the revenue returns from their sites View news article This new FREE portal is built around the normal dating portal with one major difference: members can send unlimited emails and cards.



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