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The other vintage controllers, the G-202 and G-505, are well-built, fine guitars.But they cannot escape the feel of being really well made Fender copies, no matter how nice they are. The more expensive G-808 has through-neck construction and other nice features, like gold hardware.One of only 83 Blonde ES-300s produced in 1948, most of which were only single pickup models. Rare Blonde Finish, Carved Spruce Top, Beautifully figured Maple Back and Sides, Large Rounded Neck Profile, and Gold Hardware. The pickguard has typical celluloid crystallization but is intact.Dating this time period of Gibsons is a little difficult especially with the original canisters on the pots making pot dating unavailable.This will be a post I will try to update as more info on the subject is known to me.For now, I had shot these two pictures of some of my SGs in my new home studio (it’s actually a basement in my Roman flat).This add to the story of “where does that Signature come from, exactly? Another interesting thing is that the heel change from 1967 (and 1968) to 1969 type introduced a change from one piece neck to three pieces neck (wood layer).



With a Volume potentiometer for each pickup, a master Tone control, and no selector switch, all the pickups in the world weren’t any use if you couldn’t coordinate them quickly and easily.

One of the most highly flamed Gibson's you will ever see. Rare 1948 double pickup ES-300, Blonde Finish, Master Tone knob, Kluson tuners, 17 inch body, and Bigsby added in the 1960s.

Included is the original hardshell case and Hang tag with matching serial number. Flamed Maple back and sides, Solid Spruce Top, Venetian Cutaway, Rare Blonde Finish, Gold Hardware, NO Volute and Tortoiseshell pickguard.

So it is a feature to look into when considering purchase of Gibson guitars of that period.


On a side note, it is interesting to note how the current Gibson SG Standard “Angus Young” Custom Shop Signature has a heel looking almost identical to the 1961 Gibson SG Custom. I still do not know clearly, and I would love your input if you have info on this.

” With a cutaway, body size and style borrowed from the acoustic L-5C, and with slightly plainer versions of the L-5’s neck, fingerboard, and headstock, the model was in many ways a new electric version of the L-5.


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