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KEEP IT TOGETHER – fasteners Men’s dress trousers continue to have button flies through the 1940s. Vintage slips, bras, and garters have metal hardware, not plastic.

Belt loops on men’s pants were first used in the early 1920s, coexisting with suspender buttons for years. SEW AND SEW The first practical sewing machine was invented in 1829 and was used to produce French army uniforms.

It all looked so wholesome that it almost makes you want to barf, right? To be fair, not everything was all peachy keen as it seemed–hey, all young people rebel, even in the ’50s and ’60s, you’ve seen –but there were definitely way more conservative approaches to dating now than there are now. Here are eight vintage dating tips that will definitely make you go WTF.

Most of these guidelines were written up in advice books geared towards teens. makes this explicitly clear: "Don’t offend his eardrums by humming in his ear when dancing." The book doesn't say a thing about a boy's humming habits, however.

I say ‘appearance’ because they can turn out to be as mad as a bag of cats once you get to know them.

Appearance is, of course not everything, shared interests, attitudes and downright magnetic attraction play a part.

But times change – after a few fairly unsuccessful stints doing online dating, I actually met my current boyfriend on one of said sites and we have since moved in together. It’s fair to say that I now have a pretty soft spot for online dating.

If you’re a serial dater, or even if you’re in a relationship and trying to keep the dating magic alive (something that is super important!The first overlock machine (serger) was patented by the Merrow Machine Company in 1889.Some still call all overlock stitches “merrow,” but only a 2- and 3-thread overlock is actually a merrow stitch.), then you might want to check out e Harmony’s comprehensive ‘Great Date Guide’, which is a compilation of date ideas from their successful couples.

They cover everything from bars and restaurants to sporty things, museums and more.Apparently humming is just some brainless, girly mode of expression.


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