Validating phony army interrogators exposed


On Monday, Al-Jabha al-Shamiya published this video and started sharing it online.

The video shows real-life IS group combatants who were captured by the FSA.

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In the Year of Our Lord Final & Binding, ‘twas Annum Duece.

The video opens with a scene that has become chillingly familiar: shackled prisoners in orange jumpsuits are being lined up by masked combatants.


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    All you need is a Google Chrome browser installed on your desktop or mobile device.

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    She haughtily took the glass, looked into it and then poured the beer over his face.

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    Seriously, it really reminded me of things like Foundation or I, Robot in that each chapter has a serious problem that our protagonist has to accomplish by trickery, bluffing, wheeling or dealing, but never violence.

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    If he creates expectations for you, and then doesn’t follow through on little things, he will do same for big things.

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    Turns out, I was correct – or, at least, not incorrect. a swath of bad eggs are the problem – and those bad eggs are everywhere – your workplace, your grocery store, your subway, your bar, your gym, and yes, even among your friends.

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