Validating email php

Some top-level domains are more than 4 characters long, such as .museum; it would be easy enough to add support for this by removing the number 4 after the comma.Your regex does not support plus signs in the local part of the e-mail address.Here I'll show you two different methods to validate email address in php.The first method is by using If your PHP version is less than 5.2.0, then you have to go with the (crazy) regular expression method to validate the email address.Here is the php function to check if email-id is valid or not using regular expressions.We see websites having links to contact by way of Contact Us or An Inquiry form or some other way.

If you want to know which regex pattern PHP (currently) uses to validate email addresses see the PHP source.

To sum it up, we receive data, we validate it and then we tell our application how to react.


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