Updating youth room

The biggest piece of advice I can offer in preparation for that effort is COLLABORATE.

If you are struggling to get buy-in for a dedicated youth center, partner with other ministry leaders who can benefit from the space when you aren't using it.] For all of the other churches that do not have a need to build any new space, or churches that simply can't afford it, this is usually a DIY project – making the best of what you already have – some more successful than others.

Imagine if any business set themselves up this way!

All summer long Louis Engel Waterfront Park will be the site for great music along the river!

A child's room will truly feel like their own space if you allow her to weigh in on the design choices.

True, she won't be into turquoise and tone-on-tone stripes forever, but this colorful teen lair is pitch-perfect for a style-savvy teen. Like icing on the cake, artwork adds the finishing touch.

But short of an HGTV makeover show, a "good" room doesn't happen overnight -- and a stylish space isn't always made up of a bunch of expensive items.This room gets a lot of use to say the least resulting in much wear and tear.The carpet, walls, stage and equipment were really showing signs of years of all that use and loving abuse!During the great snowfall of December 2014, the leaky roof could not withhold the melting snow from destroying the west side of the building, damaging the walls, carpet and fixtures, and bringing mold along with it.

Since there was extensive damage, together with insurance coverage and our funds, we undertook this major repair and redecorating project.Instead of mass-produced, ready-to-assemble kids' furniture, designer Sarah Richardson opts for thrifted antiques paired with vintage fabrics.



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