Updating x font indexes

Convert Xto DVD - ============================================== - 0013023: [Bug] HTML link highlight only works for first tree item (felicia) - resolved.- 0013027: [Feature Request] Configure conversion queuer according to output profile (felicia) - resolved.I don't have tmpwatch installed on my system so that isn't the cause of the problem in my case.But the end result is the same: The private /tmp that systemd creates is getting removed. The simple solution is to configure /bin/systemd-tmpfiles so that it preserves anything in /tmp with the name /tmp/systemd-namespace-*.


Just select your favorite fonts and they will be synced and ready to use!Now that we understood the threads in the replication agents.let’s assume we already identified which agent is slow by inserting tracer token.- 0013015: [Bug] title of menu not as desired-does not use "default project name (also used for disk label)" in burning tab of default settings (felicia) - resolved.

- 0013014: [Bug] when you customize project name or titleset name will revert to original name (felicia) - resolved.- 0013052: [Bug] When clearing project program requests confirmation even if not modified (felicia) - resolved.



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