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This chapter describes how to integrate the Oracle BI Administration Tool with third-party source control management systems for Oracle BI repository development.The Administration Tool achieves this integration through the ability to save repository metadata as a set of XML documents in MDS XML format rather than as a single binary repository file (RPD).This can happen after various operations: Git on the command line doesn't perform an update automatically and only marks your Submodule as "modified".

Indeed, many of the areas discussed later assume prior knowledge gained from reading this document.

Using this integration, you can configure the Administration Tool to work with your own source control management system and save your repository output as MDS XML.

This chapter contains the following topics: You can choose to integrate the Administration Tool with a third-party source control management system, such as Subversion or Rational Clear Case, during your repository development process.

If this project happens to be using submodule’s these will not be at this point forked to our repository, instead these will be referenced to their current repository.

To pull a copy of the project locally from your GIT account including any potential submodule’s, as well as adding a reference to the upstream master we can use the following commands In the event that the project does use submodule’s, and you happen to wish to customise the submodule you will then also want to fork a copy of one or more of the submodule to your GIT account, repeated depending on which and how many of the submodule’s you wish to edit.SVNDBLib), an extension of the Database Library file (*.



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