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This was our first step into Rails 3 land, and we did it at the end of 2010.Our app was running Rails 2.3.8 at the time, and the production instances were a mess.The first step is to ensure that we’re running the latest version of Rails 3.2 and that all the application’s gems are up to date as well. It’s also a good idea to check that our app’s test suite is passing fully before starting to upgrade.The process will be more difficult if our app doesn’t have automated tests as it means that much more manual testing will be required.There are a couple of solutions I’ve seen people use to solve this.Neither of them is that great: would just update that gem.



The first two steps are independent from actually upgrading to the Rails 3 gem, and any Rails 2.3 app out there should do them even if there’s no intention of upgrading to 3.0.He used the recommended ~ notation for gem versions at first, but that upgraded our Paperclip gem to 2.3.3.



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