Updating gps units


These database waypoints are discussed in the chapter on databases. On most unit they must be no more than 6 characters long and contain no spaces but can contain any combination of letters and numbers and some punctuation.

The newest units permits 10 character names and these can include spaces.

You don’t have to look at shaggy hair and salmon pink shorts while taking the next swing. We have selected Contrary to what non-conformists believe, golf GPS watches and handhelds do not make you a slave to technology.

Instead they help you point out and confirm to your best instincts.

Years down the road, your Navman will still be the best way to go.

The Navman Mi VUEDRIVE FHD, Mi VUE DRIVE LM, MYESCAPE IV, MYESCAPE III, MY650LMMT, MY600LMT and MY450LMT has Monthly Map Updates and Lifetime Free Maps Built-In. Eligible Units MOVE70LMMOVE60LMEZY360LMTEZY350LMTEZY270LMTEZY260LMTEZY255LMTEZY250LMMY ESCAPE 2MY660LMTMY560LMTMY550LMTMY400LMTMY350LMTMY300LMTClick here for instructions to update your lifetime free maps The Navman MIVUEDRIVE FHD, Mi VUE DRIVE LM, MYESCAPE IV, MYESCAPE III, MY650LMMT, MY600LMT and MY450LMT has Lifetime Monthly Map Updates Built-In.


Features include a clear, easy to use, familiar paper-like display of all detail from the best maps available and Navionics exclusive surveys.

The GPS software controls how satellites are received and tracked while the unit software controls how the unit functions in terms of the user interface and tracking dogs.



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