Troy dating britta

Of course, Abed doesn’t want to accept that, but Jeff convinces him it’s for the best.

was the beginning of the show’s two-part season five finale, and things got about as weird as you’d expect.The school is in danger once again, and this time, there might not be a whole lot the Save Greendale Committee can do about it, but that won’t stop them from trying.At the beginning, the Committee and the campus are all feeling pretty good and content, and there’s not really a whole lot going on, which is starting to get to Abed, because it’s the most boring thing to happen since Britta dated Troy.Harmon clearly didn't have a very positive outlook when he finally watched the season himself, and the ensuing rant on his Harmontown podcast was extensively transcribed and quoted out of context in the online press.

He has since apologized for the outburst, saying that it probably sounded very “un-Community” to the fans who had continued to support the show through to its fifth season.In universe, the whole season is referred to as “the gas leak year,” but in retrospect, is it totally indefensible as anything other than that?


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