Top 10 dating mistakes


I always wondered what is in the head of the guys who just can’t let it go. Talk to your momma or check Facebook when you get home. That’s why it’s best because it yields at least some kind of positive result.

If you wanna talk about her, you’re not ready to date, period! Yeah, it’s great that you’ve spent a little fortune and bought yourself a treat on wheels.

And if you're 14 and it's 1962, you can make out in the balcony.

"A lot of times it's considered too cliché to go to the movies on a first date," says Karin Anderson, Ph.

Instead of focusing on the boxes a date checks off, focus on how they make you feel. Sometimes, the job’s not right for you and sometimes you’re not right for it.

So no, we ain’t gonna focus our attention on those common dating tips and those usual first date mistakes.His silence will break your heart and all you’ll want to do is run away and hide under a rock.No matter how much you crave to tell him, you have to be patient and give him time to realize how he feels about you, before you say anything to him.In this tutorial we’ll expose and explain “the other” 6 most ridiculous first date mistakes men do and then wonder how the hell they didn’t score or went on a second date.

Of course, let’s review the top 10 biggest first date blunders first, because they hide those that seem to be slipping under everyone’s radar.So if you keep “waiting until,” you may be waiting forever. You can go to a party on Friday night and spend your rainy Saturday afternoon drinking hot cocoa and checking your matches.


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