Thirty sex chambers of shaolin


Shaolung wants to find out the truth about his past and one day avenge the death of his father, a high-ranking Ming official, by the wicked General Kwan (Chang Li) (we see his father’s death scene in an awesome flashback sequence).

Along the way, the two friends are joined by fantastic leaping female ku fung master, played by Polly Shang Kwan, who also happens to have been betrothed as a child to be Tien Peng’s wife.

There’s a great final battle — a four-way fight — with the evil General Kwan and his clones (! Plot: FBI agent Brad Mc Callum (played by Brad Harris) partners with two former friends, Tony (Tony Kendall) and Nick (Aldo Canti, using the name Nick Jordan)— wearing face masks, capes and bulletproof super-suits — to become a trio of crime-fighters who join forces (and apply their special skills) in order to take down the mad scientist named Wilfried Gottlieb (Jochen Brockmann).

), who have also trained themselves to fight like Shaolin masters. Gottlieb is a fat Goldfinger-type supervillian, who’s running a conterfeiting crime ring (with diplomatic immunity), using his cloning machine to create exact copies of various characters (who end up being melted down into glittering jewels) and to flood the market with radioactive currency.

Plotwise, there are lots of twists and turns, which we won’t give away here, and it can be a bit confusing here and there, but even so, many believe ) The photography and production design are visually impressive (playing like an homage to the golden era of Shaw Brothers studios of the 1960s) and the film’s original Chinese music score, even in the U. Highlights include mute Nick’s karate fights (lots of acrobatic somersaults and flips and mini-trampoline stunts), and the use of a metal yo-yo, not to mention scenes of Mexican wrestling and judo chops.

The anti-Ching patriots, under the guidance of Ho Kuang-han, have secretly set up their base in Canton, disguised as school masters The 36th Chamber of Shaolin is the best excited movies torrent of Kuang Ni. You can check list actors in this movies torrent, for example Chia-Hui Liu, Lieh Lo, Chia Yung Liu, Norman Chu, Yung Henry Yu, John Cheung, Wilson Tong, Hang-Sheng Wu, Yue Wong, Tung-kua Ai, Billy Chan, Lung Chan, Shen Chan, Szu-Chia Chen, Wah Cheung.

Actually I can't understand half of it and the lyrics aren't printed on my copy. Well, I'm basically telling you what you already know: that Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) is one of the very best ever made, and that Metropolis pt. But it's the beats that really make it so great. Jazz rap was big on the east coast, G-Funk was huge in the west, and Miami Bass in the south. "Can it Be All So Simple" itself is devastating, with a classic verse from Raekwon and a bad-ass "dedications" segment. The rubber/glue bit from Method Man, which I'll go into more depth about in a moment, is classic. Inspectah Deck acts as the sniper, he just comes in and rips verses to shreds.


Their Shaolin training — among the oldest institutionalized styles of Chinese martial arts — culminates in a sequence of exciting displays of all kinds of fighting (with swords and sticks, and ballet-like kung fu moves) against eighteen fighters — some look like robots in thick, gold-plated armour, while others are painted bronze (well, more gold than bronze, really, but was the temple’s star pupil, and Shaolung (Tien Peng), who was abandoned at the temple by his grandmother, fearing for his life.To commemorate these amazing screenings, Mondo is releasing movie poster screen prints for The 36th Chamber of Shaolin tour stops by fan favorite artist Gabz.There will be three versions in all: an Online Edition, Austin Edition and Los Angeles (Beyond Fest) Edition.Oh, and the skits are at the beginning of the tracks and can't be skipped. one on this website - and I'm not gonna mention any names (hack cough Jazzrivet hack cough hack obeyt3hemofish) gave Metropolis Pt. The beats are totally insane, he took the rough and rugged sound of New York and made that shit 10 times more evil.

See, between just about every song, you're going to hear one of two things, very possibly both. Hip hop skits generally suck, you don't need me here to tell you that. Crude, of course, but the "torture" thing at the end of "C. Fittingly, there are also a lot of kung fu movie references in the lyrics. So yeah, the Wu are a bunch of dorks, let's all face it. So black dorks are cool, and white dorks are dorks? White people are lame in the first place.*Oh, and a fun little note for anyone out there who's a fan of both indie rock and hip hop: "Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber, pt. Track picks: "Bring Da Ruckus," "Shame on a N*gga," "Can It Be All So Simple," "Da Mystery of Chessboxin'," "Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothing ta Fuck Wit," "C. No one had ever tried to make an album with 9 rappers, there were no rules on how to do it. This isn't just 9 ordinary rappers combined together, every single member has his own unique style and is very easy to tell apart one from the other.

With the highest bidder also winning the rights to the recordings, they will subsequently be able to release as many or as few copies of Marshmallow as they like in whatever format they fancy.


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