Symantec endpoint protection client not updating management server Fuck chat game

To save bandwidth, you can let your clients run scheduled Live Update sessions only if either of the following conditions is met: To make sure that any client computers that connect to your network infrequently get the latest updates, let these computers get updates from a Symantec Live Update server.

These servers are public, and the client therefore does not depend on a connection to your network to get updates.

The clients store a cached copy of the certificate in the management server list.

If the certificate is corrupted or invalid, the clients cannot communicate with the server.

If you disable secure communications, then the clients can still communicate with the server, but do not authenticate communications from the management server.

You disable secure communications to update the certificate in the following situations: After you update the certificate and the clients check in and receive it, enable secure communications again.


The certificate also digitally signs the policy files and installation packages that the client downloads from it.

Solution: Added a check so that when the token is invalidated, the keep-alive task cancels and logs out from Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager.


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