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It neighbours Bedwas and Trethomas, and forms a council ward in conjunction with those communities. Mynydd Machen (Machen Mountain) provides a view over the village.

It is possible to walk up to and along the top of the mountain, where a number of large boulders are present.

He was honoured as a member of the Gorsedd with the bardic name "Ron o Fachen" (Ron from Machen).

Alfred Edward Morgans (17 February 1850 – 10 August 1933), Premier of Western Australia for just 32 days in 1901, was born in Machen.

Yet by August, this empty hall is supposed to be humming with students of every stripe, as the home of the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE), a million bet by the NSW government that Kaye can repeat the magic that produced businesses worth more than $US500 million over the 11 years he ran the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship.

If he succeeds, Kaye could usher in a revolution in Australian entrepreneurship education which until now has taken place inside the business schools of universities – arguably too removed from reality – or in the do-or-die environs of start-up accelerators or angel investor networks, where failure can come at a hefty financial and emotional price.



Munissez vous de ces objets : _Epingles (utiles si vous avez la place au niveau des fenêtres ou toit ouvrant) _Colle "NI CLOU NI VIS" (chez le plus proche magasin) _Raclette propre _Tournevis plat et cruciforme (si vous avez des petites vis dans la voiture à enlever) _Un serre-joint NB : Des toutes petites vis peuvent s'avérer utile si vous êtes seul pour le faire.Vous pourrez alors laisser sécher un côté et faire l'autre ensuite. Si vous êtes seul, vous pouvez fixer des épingles à linges ou des serre-joints, ou même mettre des petites vis.


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