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I made sure that the flash cards are securely in place and the link from master to slave is also in place. I took the SD card out so it can start with Factory config.Not sure why I'm getting the message "Upgrade failed" when I never made any change to the setup for more than a month. When it does not have the SD card, I get different error message. Since, I could not use dual mono, I created another config for a single 250 pro.They haven't even acknowledged the issue after 4 days. Then download the firmware onto your computer and save it in a folder somewhere. Insert into the Devialet with the power cords taken out or switched off at the wall. One done delete everything on them again, take them out of your computer and re-insert. Make up new configs and again save in a folder on your computer. HDD, tv as monitor, key board and track pad on bean bag as remote, Devialet 200, O d'A #097, Blue jeans speaker cable, Dynaudio C1 Mk II. Then I have formatted the SD card and copied the firmware files again. The message on your Devialet is clearly stating that the update fails, so I don't think you have a faulty unit.Not something you would expect for this price point :-( Sam, I always use the same method for configuring and it hasn't failed yet so try this and see if it still occurs; First delete everything off the SD cards. Copy that onto the cards and again insert them into the Devialet's with their power off. If you are reformating the SD-Card, do it on a Windows machine.

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The Screen looks like following SW:10.0.7 HW: 6.0.0 Version Error : A384 DSDP0210. I used the same SD card back to back on both units.


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