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Hackers have breached the database of online dating site Plenty Of, exposing the personal and password information on nearly 30 million users.In response, the company’s founder has implied that the editor of Krebs On was involved in an elaborate extortion plot. Learning that you’ve been hacked when a reporter calls is probably even less fun. We will tell you what you need in a relationship, where you screwed up (without knowing it) in past relationships and a customized action plan to make your next relationship successful.I’ve been watching the story of Plenty of Fish for a while now. gets 200 Million page views per month, but Markus says plentyoffish gets 500 Million: “The site(and serves ~500 million pageviews a month and does so using 1 DB server and 1 Web Server which is a far cry from the industry standard of 300 servers for a site of this size.” Digg uses 3 web servers and 8 small database servers. Why shouldn’t I just jump into the market and compete with you an take some of this easy money off the table? If he’s telling the truth he should just shut up and keep collecting checks. Either way, something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Matthew Ingram thinks Markus it the new Craig Newmark. Rather than buy a book, he learned by adding new functions and features to the site. Then for whatever reason I thought I needed to make my profile more real, thought girls would like that "real" guy more. I changed most of it up to fit my own interests personality. The original stuff, NOTE: Most of these copy pastas are played out, good read either way though, and many members (Myself included) still have good luck with them, depends on your area really. It's funny because if I don't respond to them right away they double message or double text me. Meanwhile the woman who responds right away to my initial message then takes a day to respond to me on the site after that almost always asks when she can meet me, doesn't care to text between our meet, and actually shows up. Mountaineering changed my life, if you're Depressed/Bored/Looking for a new challenge have some disposable income for equipment I couldn't advocate it more. I'm kinda sorta dating someone but we're not really officially bf and gf." I played it off lightly but I wasn't fukking born yesterday, I know what that means. I've attached a little primer I got from a different site to get you thinking in the right direction. Add me on PSN: stina_saurus ♛Marty Mc Fly92 is everything I could ever ask for in a man so I quit OKC and POF to marry him Krew♛ ♣BOSTON STRONG♣ On the road to aesthetics and never looking back. on the meet or say their busy that week & don't offer an alternative and I never hear from them again. I got another chick that assumed a "hot sexy guy" like me must be slaying them left & right & when I do not confirm the lose interest FAST. going to tell women who want to know about POF chicks i meet: "yes I have met a few but they were boring in bed so I had to cut them" Or some crap like that just to see if I get more interest. Born in England, moved to Poland, as it's more compatible for me. Living here can be difficult however, but if you're like me you'll appreciate or even need the challenge. Last week we were being flirty via text and he was just like "oh I'd better behave myself... so, I think I'm going to step back take my time when I respond to these women. Yet he keeps tagging this other chick (maybe a 4/10 at best, looks like a man and dresses like a nun lol) in his FB statuses, just uploaded a picture of the two of them a few minutes ago...clearly they're dating. I know how a lot of ya'll operate, dating/banging multiple girls at the same time..hating, but I'm not about to waste my time on someone like that. Her idea because I told her I was strapped for cash since i've been putting money into a car i'm putting on the rd. She says she's comfortable coming over because we work for the same company. And made it still cocky and funny but was a lot longer and had a lot more of the "normal" stuff like my interests, who I was looking for, etc. I put in the least amount of effort & get the best results. Threads that shouldn't exist - Instagram, celeb worship (e.g. He still hits me up a ton and WKs me all the time, tells me I'm sexy, says we should hang out, etc.

When two days elapsed and I still hadn’t received a reply, I asked Russo if he had any other contact information for Frind or other administrators. He gave me the phone number of Frind’s friend, Annie.

Added Verizon Dude on FB last week, he chatted me up first, gave him my number smoothly. Told her I was at my parents when this one showed up.


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