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A family court judge is required to consider the children’s preference for custody.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no specific age when a child may somehow decide where the child should live.

E.2d 748 (2012), the South Carolina Supreme Court affirmed a permanent restraint against Mother exposing Child to her convicted sex-offender boyfriend [Doe] until the Child turned age eighteen. Four years prior boyfriend pled guilty to lewd act upon a minor.

Essentially, there are two types of child custody in South Carolina – sole and joint: Sole Custody – Sole custody, which was favored under prior South Carolina case-law, is when a parent “has temporary or permanent custody of a child and . In the court’s final order concerning custody,the court must explain its reason for awarding, or not awarding, joint custody.

In its reasoning, the court may consider the following factors: Regarding “other factors,” the court may consider the opinions of others such as social service agencies, doctors and other medical providers, psychologists, and psychiatrists to name a few.

In general, you can usually recognize legitimate programs designed to offer help for single moms by the way they operate.

For example, legitimate programs: When you're looking specifically for organizations that help single moms, calling 211 is good place to start.

Numerically, this seems high—if you are a single male, you have over 3,000 available women to court.


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