Sharepoint 2016 user information list not updating


Or In theory this list should be updated with user profile synchronization as well, but at . A user logs into Share Point and their login name is stamped in the “hidden” user information list.

When a user hits this site collection, they will automatically get a profile entry in this list. But you have profile properties in two places now, the site collection(s) and the User Profile Service Application; how are you supposed to keep them in sync? So how does Share Point keep the site collection user lists and the UPA profiles in sync?

As it turns out, Share Point thought of that and gives us two timer jobs to do exactly that. When the timer job updates the site collections with the profile properties, it maintains the sync details in a table.

These timer jobs are the User Profile to Share Point Full Synchronization, and the User Profile to Share Point Quick Synchronization. Each database will have a sync table containing this information.

Occasionally (more often if your environment relies on a less-than-stable networking/virtualization infrastructure), you might encounter a situation in which a user's profile does not update in one or more UILs.

This can happen for a variety of reasons and most are environment-dependent.

Users that are Inactive are not synchronized, and their profile values will remain the same until they start contributing or making changes to the site collection.


Make your way over to the timer Jobs page under Monitoring in Central Admin and fire off the User Profile to Share Point Full Synchronization job.

Share Point site collections contain a hidden list called the User Information List UIL .

This list contains one entry for every user who has .

The sync command also allows you to clear these tables: –o sync –deleteolddatabases 0 Funny thing is it doesn’t actually delete databases, just the sync info.

The team that named this param were having a right laugh.

For example, you changed the display name Jane Doe to Jane Smith.


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