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A strange and often inappropriate jumble of archetypes, Alessia is equal parts the damsel in distress, the wise-fool, the woman-child, and the sexy mental patient.It paints a picture of sexual violence that feels honest and deeply empathetic toward the victim, but ultimately it has nothing new or valuable to say about the issue and Alessia’s sole purpose is to further Enzo’s development — you know, the love of a good woman — so it never becomes more than a cheap narrative ploy.


The film opens on a foot chase as our anti-hero Enzo (Claudio Santamaria), a two-bit criminal and way, way underling for Camorra bosses, makes his escape from his latest misdeed. Something he doesn’t realize until a job goes wrong, leaving his accomplice dead, and Enzo would be dead right alongside him if he wasn’t suddenly able to survive a bullet to the chest and the fall from a nine-story building. Isolated, misanthropic and lonely, though he’d never admit that last one, Enzo is pretty much a pathetic and undignified ne’er-do-well. A cynical shut-in who’s eager to remind people he’s “nobody’s friend,” Enzo is stuck in a sort of adolescent “everything sucks” mentality, and would have never put his powers to any good use if he didn’t get tangled up with Alessia (Ilenia Pastorelli).

We will work with other agencies — including police — as a matter of urgency to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our students," the Queensland Department of Education said in a statement.

Detective Senior Sergeant Miles said officers were working through the images as part of a national investigation into the website."First and foremost, if we identify any children, we'll have to approach the individuals and ascertain the circumstances in which the imagery might have been obtained," he said."We then go into a situation where we explore how the image is disseminated, how it was put on the web.

Police earlier said a minimum of 70 schools had been targeted from around Australia.

New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and ACT police are investigating as are a number of education departments.

A former high-ranking St John Ambulance officer who is accused of pursuing two cadets to engage in sexual activity never held a position of authority over the pair, the Adelaide District Court has heard.


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