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There are also eight reserve officers who have had a 100-hour Criminal Justice Academy training course.As a testament to the depth of support for the police department, the Comprehensive Plan Committee's opinion poll conducted at the November 1996 election showed that 86.4% of 1157 respondents favor maintenance of the Town's department over reliance on the Somerset County Sheriff's Department.Also, the vision specifically references the police department's contribution to community quality-of-life: "The community as a whole will achieve high behavioral and attitudinal standards, which, together with a skilled police force, will deter crime and substance abuse in the community."The police department is kept well-equipped.With 100 miles averaged per patrol shift, the two cruisers are each replaced every three years as a matter of routine.


In complying with the letter and spirit of applicable laws and in pursuing its own goals of diversity, the University does not discriminate on the basis of sex in employment, education, and all other programs and activities.In 2006, Maine joined the National Sex Offender Public Registry as a participant.The public can make regional, individual state, or nationwide searches for individuals. Review and Revision of this Policy **Please note: The reader will find sections within this document.

In responding to all complaints and reports, the University will act to ensure the safety of students, guests, and employees while complying with state and federal laws and provisions of applicable collective bargaining agreements and employee handbooks. Overview It is important that members of the University community understand that the law does not just prohibit violations of this policy against employees by employers.

SBI is the agency responsible for maintaining the SOR for the State of Maine.


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