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Stan finally catches her tossing Steve's bicycle through the front window and decides to banish Francine to the woods as per a fake verse in his Bible as punishment.

After two days in the woods, Stan returns but finds Francine is unrepentant and accuses Stan of being repressed. Later with Roger, Stan continues to call her a deviant and Roger convinces him to open up with a musical number, although Stan finds he wants to embrace every kink known to Roger's dread.


In the episode, unsatisfied with missionary sex, Francine finds out she has a spanking fetish when Stan tries to punish Steve.

But today, Americans are working harder than ever to avoid change" and notes that Americans are less inclined to pick up stakes and move, less likely to start a business, more likely to marry someone very similar to themselves, and increasingly focused on minimizing exposure to new, challenging, or different experiences.

"As a result, we could see a version of America that is more segregated, more unequal, and no longer the leader of tomorrow's greatest achievements." This chat covers a lot of territory, but if you only have a couple of minutes to listen, skip to to hear Tyler go full economist on his hopes for his final moments.

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"It is time for psychologists to recognize the need to help parents end the use of corporal punishment and incorporate that objective into their teaching and clinical practice," the expert added.


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    “My Coach, Margaret, is so positive and ‘can-do’, and whether I’ve lost, gained or maintained, I’ve never walked out of a meeting without a smile on my face, feeling totally inspired for the week.

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    Few makers put identifying marks on the base of their cups, but many can be identified by features like handle shapes. This guide will help you trace a cup to the factory which made it.

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