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“Why are there two mommies and no daddy in Olivia’s family? Kids are increasingly aware of same-sex relationships and may even wonder about same-sex marriage, which is legal in many states.

And while this might feel like a loaded question—a complicated version of “the birds and the bees”—it’s really not.

A listener driving three children – not her own — aged 11‚ 15 and 16 tuned into the “disgusting and inappropriate” discussion about sex just before 6pm at the end of January.“It was very embarrassing to say the least‚” she noted in a complaint to The Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa.

“I’m still shocked that announcers could talk about the subject in so much detail.”This is not the first time that Phat Joe’s show has irked some listeners‚ with the most recent complaint lodged against him in February for comments made about Down’s syndrome.

Broadcasting complaints commissioner Linda Venter said‚ “The fact that these children were not the complainant’s own children‚ probably made it even more embarrassing‚ since where parents would usually know their own children well and would know how to approach any questions or remarks in such circumstances‚ this was not the case here.”“Discussions of this nature are essentially inappropriate on radio at times when children might be in the audience and would be beyond the contemporary South African standard of tolerance‚” said Venter.


I wasn’t a hundred per cent sure of the significance of putting Barbie, whom we’d dressed in a neon yellow denim mini and a lilac rubber bra (pinched from Ariel), into the same plastic pink canopied space as topless, pleather trousered Ken, but aged seven, I was fairly confident that this was adult territory and not what Mattel had manufactured their dolls for. ‘Did you know, you’re not supposed to know about sex until you’re 16? ’ I immediately started weeping, hysterically and lavishly. I spent two sleepless weeks lying in bed, tensed against the knock on the door from the local constabulary, until I realised that everyone else at school clearly knew something of the facts of life, and none of them talked about being on day release.Venter was sceptical‚ noting there had been previous warnings issued to East Coast Radio and decided that a fine was appropriate.


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