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Outraged by the claims, Tom filed his multi-million dollar lawsuit against the magazines this week and pleaded his case as a dedicated father, one that has a number of work-related obstacles getting in his way from being an even more dedicated parent.In his legal papers, acquire by , Tom doesn't just say that he has a lot on his plate, instead he goes overboard and claims to be so constantly tied up with work that his job comparable to that of a soldier stationed in Afghanistan or an Olympic athlete preparing for competition.Now, I randomly choose a program for January 1st and watch it as a marathon. If some plans were to come up, I would abandon this marathon idea but generally nothing is going on January 1st apart from a hangover and I thought this would be a fun way to sitdown and watch a good chunck of one series. Sometimes you gotta be careful of what you ask for especially if you see what I watched my first year.Here is the list of my marathons for the past few years.Earlier in the season, Charlotte Rae had left the series, to be replaced by Cloris Leachman. Garrett’s departure and the introduction of Beverly Ann to the series, ratings took a bit of a free fall. The four main characters of Blair, Jo, Tootie, and Natalie were all getting older, and it became more of a struggle to come up with ideas to keep the four principal leads under the same roof.I think Season 8 was the one where the girls transformed ‘Edna’s Edibles’ into the funky gift shop ‘Over Our Heads’, and each girl owned a percentage of the business.You know, the stories like The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors, and The Two Doctors.


A TV series that could manage that would have to been around for a long time. For my eleventh 50WHO article, I originally thought about looking back at the stories that have multiple doctors.

This is generally a good thing but the problem is that these are shows I am not really interested in.


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    I recognize my behavior on the field is a direct reflection of my character.

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    addresses these concerns and the franchise industry's number one complaint, poor lead quality.

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