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American Red Cross volunteers from Minnesota and Iowa chapters are being mobilized to head south to help in a disaster response. If you're going through downtown, there's a good chance of noticing some tantalizing smells and music. The folks there look forward to the Greek Fest all year especially to get a chance to share their culture with the rest of Rochester. It's all about where to put the sand from the Mississippi River. The fire is under investigation by the State Fire Marshal's Office.

Stay with the News Center as more details are released.

The Film and Media Studies program consists of coordinated courses offered by various liberal arts departments, all studying film, television, and the electronic arts as art forms and cultural phenomena.

Students should take one of the two introductory courses: FMS 131 - Introduction to Media Studies or FMS 132 - Introduction to The Art of Film, before going on to more advanced or specialized courses in film history, film criticism, and film making; majors are advised to take a film history course also, before developing their special interests in advanced courses.

A criminal investigation unit sent an undercover officer to a hotel at the 4100 block of Maine Avenue SE at 10 a.m. She is held in the Olmsted County Jail on a gross misdemeanor charge of Hiring a Prostitute in a Public Place.


As an introduction to the art of film, this course will present the concepts of film form, film aesthetics, and film style, while remaining attentive to the various ways in which cinema also involves an interaction with audiences and larger social structures.Simply pick up a BLUE LIGHT EMERGENCY PHONE and you will be immediately connected to the Public Safety Communications Center.


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