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When something happens that they don’t like, some blow it out of proportion by making sweeping generalizations.

Avoid starting sentences with, "You always," and, "You never," as in, "You always come home late! " Stop and think about whether or not this is really true.



In some states, the legal definition of intoxication is .08%, which means that for every 1000 milliliters of blood, the body contains 8/10ths of a milliliter of alcohol. BAC = .02 = Drinkers begin to feel moderate effects. BAC = .04 = Most people begin to feel relaxed, mildly euphoric, sociable, and talkative. BAC = .05 = Judgment, attention, and control are somewhat impaired. BAC = .08 = This is legal level for intoxication in some states. There is a clear deterioration of reaction time and control. BAC = .12-.15 = Vomiting usually occurs, unless this level is reached slowly or a person has developed a tolerance to alcohol. Drinkers display emotional instability, loss of critical judgment, impairment of perception, memory, and comprehension.One showed the Conservatives' national advantage down to just three points - not enough for an overall majority.


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