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If Google sends 1,000 people to one of your web pages and each of those 1,000 people hit the back button within a few seconds, it tells Google your web page isn’t relevant.

A lot of the websites that are ranking well on Google that don’t seem to be optimized have a high click-through rate and a low bounce rate. For example, if you look at this guide, you’ll see it ranks really high for the term “online marketing,” and the ranking very rarely fluctuates as my click-through rate according to Webmaster Tools is 31%. This post ranks well for “best times to post on social media.” It would be hard to outrank this listing as my click-through rate is currently 52%.

The breathless headline is accompanied by the obligatory image of an older woman fed up with her husband.

The actual words need not be written: This is all standard fare for those selling divorce. Women eat this up, which is why every form of women’s entertainment has divorce fantasy as a staple.

Of particular interest to those in professional audio is that our entire design is contained on one PC board (apart from the power supply), has few components, and has no cabling harnesses besides that connecting to the power supply.


Looking at the click-through rate isn’t enough, however, as people could create deceptive title tags and meta descriptions to increase their results. It assesses the number of people who leave your page by hitting the back button to return to the search listing page.

We have been selling the Audio Rail ADAT rx32tx32 both domestically and internationally since late February of 2004.

We have employed them ourselves in live sound production regularly since June of 2003.

Have you ever wondered why some sites rank high on Google when they aren’t optimized for search engines?

Or even worse, when they barely have any backlinks?

I’ve been asked this question a lot over the last few months, so I thought I would write a blog post explaining why that happens.



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