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They now join the fifteen young KSF officers that have graduated from the British Army’s Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Another young KSF officer is currently training at RAF College Cranwell and will graduate in October 2017.

Together they are the first KSF cadets to complete the seven month Royal Air Force initial officer training course.

Pronaj is the first KSF non-commissioned officer to be commissioned from a United Kingdom military academy.

Burtonwood takes a look some history this important base northwest Warrington, as well touching upon Padgate, RNS Blackcap Stretton northolt.



The RAF wants to scale back a plan to buy supersonic fighter jets for the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carriers by pushing for a variation that flies only from land.A Royal Navy source said the RAF had no interest in tying up its future with two new aircraft carriers due to become operational in the next…



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