Problems with radiometric dating methods

This is just bizarre, I don’t follow what the author is trying to imply. Also, the geologic column is full of evidence of "erosion". Also, there is too little sediment on the sea floor for the oceans to have existed for hundreds of millions of years, and the continents would have worn away many times in this time period at current rates of erosion.Don't know where he comes up with there being "too little" sediment.The book explains the basis for this method: “Radiocarbon is continuously created in the atmosphere through bombardment of nitrogen-14 (14N) by neutrons created by cosmic radiation.14C, with a half-life of 5730 years, decays back to 14N …The time that it takes for half of a sample to decay is known as the half life of the isotope.Some isotopes have half lives longer than the present age of the universe, but they are still subject to the same laws of quantum physics and will eventually decay, even if doing so at a time when all remaining atoms in the universe are separated by astronomical distances.I provided numerous modern examples of rapid sedimentation (by submarine landslides) in the "Young Earth Proofs, Old Earth Attempts" thread.Radiometric dating utilizes the decay rates of certain radioactive atoms to date rocks or artifacts.


The key is to measure an isotope that has had time to decay a measurable amount, but not so much as to only leave a trace remaining.As long as the production rate remains constant, the radioactivity of natural carbon remains constant because [the] rate of production balances the rate of decay.“While an organism is alive and is taking in carbon from the atmosphere, it contains this balanced proportion of 14C.One important answer lies in the way they date these formations.


The theory of evolution has become so ubiquitous in the scientific world today that it even distorts the way geological formations are dated.

Given isotopes are useful for dating over a range from a fraction of their half life to about four or five times their half life.


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