Powerpoint linked chart not updating

A very common task you may have is to take a chart you’ve painstakingly formatted and use it with new data.I described a few ways to handle this in Make a Copied Chart Link to New Data.But in Excel 2007, these steps don’t work the same way.

Ideally having a window come up that prompts the users to point to the excel file from which the powerpoint should update everytime. Sub modifylinks() Dim Excel File Dim exl As Object Set exl = Create Object("Excel. Not all of the OLE Objects in my Power Point are Excel charts (some are direct references to cells) which means they don't have the brackets which seems to be causing a problem.Well, knowing the above protocol, you’d think you could copy the worksheet, change the data, and the chart would be fine.And in Excel 2003 this set of steps works great: The new pivot chart (on the copied sheet) retains its link to the pivot table on its parent worksheet, so it updates as soon as the pivot table is refreshed. I have tweaked a couple parts of different codes and have gotten close, the problem I encounter is Excel charts have the file name and worksheet listed twice (i.e. Below is the formula, if anyone can figure out a way to adjust the formula to also update the workbook in brackets to the new file I would greatly appreciate it! Although, I'd suggest your VBA is better than mine looking at your much tidier code!


I tried your code and while it updates the source file it does not capture the cell references leaving the code useless in the specified case. [workbook.xls]Graphs Chart 3) and the formula does not change the second occurrence of the workbook name in brackets. Source Full Name is blank Can you it in yours and let us know what the msgbox shows please?It is not possible to do this in powerpoint 2016 for Mac.



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