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Other journalists have been injured, detained, or arrested by the authorities.Yet despite the media crackdown, information continues to leak out of Iran via social networking, microblogging, and photo- and video-hosting websites.The names are spaced out so that they can be read easily.Please highlight any names that angered Ghost to the point of in bold and link them to the episode where they aired, like this.Zuckerman attributes the continued information flow in part to “latent capability”: savvy Internet users in Iran already know how to circumvent blocking measures, so in a political upheaval they don’t have to relearn the process.


But I am not headed for these centers of spiritual and temporal power.

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Attempts to censor the press have increased significantly since last Friday’s disputed election.

Yesterday, press credentials for foreign journalists were revoked, and many were told via phone and fax not to report from the streets.These resources have been used before to organize during political crises–in Georgia and Russia, Burma and Kenya–but the sheer scale and scope are striking in Iran’s case.



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