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And I’m a little more observant ofbasic rules of personal hygiene. A sex life is very cyclical The organ must be in tune Very in touch with the day of the month And the lunar pull of the moon Every 28 days things come to a halt And his patience becomes an issue Will he survive my many mood swings as My uterus shucks superfluous tissue?Good breath and body odorsand my ears can never be too clean. Thinking back and trying to recall How I did things last time ‘round Avoiding mistakes and faux pas Making use of knowledge I’ve found Feelings inside…I thought I had lost Déjà vu…I remember back when I swore I had learned my lesson Yet here I am dating again.Dating is a part of a relationship that is unique, diverting and pleasurable. In the beginning you feel a nervous excitement that can't be calmed. As your relationship continues, dating serves as a captivating way to find out who a person really is. Sharing experiences together allows you to see that person, and even yourself, for what you truly are. Then there's the part where you begin to expose your innermost thoughts, feelings and desires, perhaps as you never had before. How did I not see this happening, So quickly, So slowly, So certain, So tedious, So naturally, So irrationally. We have an impressive collection of love poetry, as well as love quotes, famous quotes, friendship poems, inspirational quotes, a wedding section, and of course our monthly poetry contest.

For example, saying, "I love you," for the first time can be scary, but writing it may be a bit easier.

How did you embed yourself So thoroughly into my mind?

They morphed so gradually, So subtly, So beautifully, Into you.

I pay a little more attention tothe clothes I wear each day.

How I’ll look and what will show, what he’ll think and what he might say. When we are apart, it hurts, that's true, But seeing you again makes everything new.



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