Plesk web stat not updating

If you do not see a change to this page in the next 24 hours contact your server administrator for assistance.

Webalizer statistics is not updated for the domains that were migrated/transferred from another server.

The statistics calculation is controlled by the statistics utility, which is being run by a script scheduled to run on a daily basis.

On Linux, the following cron job takes care of the task: Look for it in /etc/cron.daily/50plesk-daily.

Webstats can be using to monitor the traffic to a specific website. Select the required website statistics - or none if no statistics required.


For other issues please check the articles below or contact Plesk Technical Support : #213936305 - How to recalculate statistics for a particular domain on Plesk for Llinux?Note: When you switch from one statistical program to another, all reports generated by the previously used statistical program are removed from the server.To find out how many people visited a site, from what countries, and what pages of the site they viewed: Alternately, you can view the Web statistics for a site by visiting the following URL: information will be available to end users, resellers, and the provider.

The duty of the statistics tool is not only to monitor the informative, statistics calculation, but also automatically suspend the subscriptions that exceed the configured resource usage limits.Download one of the scripts to the server, unzip it and right-click the script file, select "Run with Power Shell".


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