People with intimidating eyes


So take off those sunglasses you weirdo, or start meeting peoples glances to say, “Hey, I’m not going to bite your head off.” 3.

People won’t ask you questions (personal or professional).

Hanks often hears clients talk about loved ones as intimidating — anyone from a spouse to an in-law.

"Mara, none of the mothers talk to me, I smile and act friendly, but they just stare at me, and I feel ignored." When she asked how I dealt with people staring at me, I quickly told her they are only staring at me because they are wondering how someone could possibly wear some of my outfits in public. "Women are intimidated by your beauty." I don't want to believe it, but women measure themselves against other women's attractiveness.

I thought about what she said, and a lightbulb went off -- well, it was more the group of cyclists staring and drooling in our direction like we were naked, or her, rather -- whenit all came together. Because of this, making friends with someone more attractive, they fear, will somehow diminish their own attractiveness.

They don’t want to open a world of hurt by asking you the wrong question, and they may worry they will hear tales of how you terrorize people or kick puppies in your personal time. Do people clear away from you at work or at parties? People let you make mistakes or do dangerous things.


Open up by asking people questions about their lives; you may change how they see you. Or, in a more extreme demonstration of fear, do people cross the street when they see you coming? People are afraid to tell you not to go to the restaurant where everyone else got food poisoning. Do people just plain stop talking when you come around?, Tony Stark asks, “Is it better to be feared or respected? ” Well, aside from being Iron Man, Buffy Summers or maybe Miranda Priestly, I would venture to say it is pretty difficult to achieve both. Maybe you wear sunglasses inside for the intimidation factor.


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