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It's easy to see why: although the official New Zealand work week is 40 hours, this only really applies in theory.

While this can be very effective for advancing one’s workplace ambitions, it can leave little time at the end of the day for traditional socialising.


At Elite Singles we aim to connect Canada's most ambitious and interesting singles.

I don’t care how good your UX is, that’s degrading. I cannot tell you how many men (we’re talking hundreds if not thousands) over the years I have swiped right on that I have never connected with at all. Let connections happen at their own will, rather than at your will.

Do we not think it would be easier, and perhaps have better odds, if I could just email a guy myself and say hello? And yes, to be fair, they could have all, every single one of them, swiped left on me. They grew bored of the app, I was algorithmically pushed down in the pile, or some other speed bump placed in the way of swipe-based apps caused he and I to never come into even the most meager of contact. Why do I have to wait in line behind a slew of other girls offering inspirational quotes and rock climbing photos and latte art? Swiping apps assume everyone is putting equal effort into online dating. Because they wouldn’t be able to contact me otherwise. Online dating does not need more control, it needs less.

First, allow me to express a completely sarcasm-free bit of gratitude toward Hinge. Hinge gives a shit about us singletons, and whether that’s motivated by good intensions or the drive to keep the lights on at a startup, I honestly don’t care — I’ve personally been motivated by both. There is an overarching problem with the path currently traversed by online dating apps and we’re not talking about it. This fatal flaw was born of pure intent — they were trying to stop women from receiving unwanted contact from men.


But even with a massive outpouring of effort and a complete revamp of an app, which is no mean feat, they didn’t do it. Because in technology speak, we never talk of the past, we only talk of moving forward. The thinking was if you could only communicate with people you ‘matched’ with, there wouldn’t be as much flack to dodge every time you logged on. What this digital band aid fails to acknowledge is that in modern day dating apps, in order to match with someone, they have to also take action in order to open the lines of communication at all.They gave it a good effort, certainly, but they didn’t change online dating in the way that they hinted they might actually have done. There is no longer room for any out-of-the-blue contact to happen.


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