Online dating for tweakers

We're not photogenic enough or we just can't write; our icebreakers keep getting rejected and our winks are never returned.

If you happen to be one of the thousands who isn't having success on the dating sites, you should definitely consider tweaking your profile and having a friend take some pictures that show off your good side.

Most of us who've dipped even a toe into the tepid waters of online dating have felt at certain times that maybe we're just not made for computer-based romance.

Booty Bump...sounds like a cute dance you might have learned in high school, or maybe some incredible thing that Beyonce does with her ass on MTV, but it's something else entirely.

It's a method of administering crystal meth by mixing it with water and putting the liquid in a syringe with the needle broken off, sticking it up your ass and injecting it.

As a female, why is me putting that I have children such a turn off to men, but when men post gushy pics with their kids, the ladies love it?


I'm not looking for a new dad for my kids, just some companionship for myself!Whether you're focused on your career, haven't found the right person or are simply exploring relationship options tailor-made for the digital age, online dating can be a great step toward improving your love life.


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    Like most American kids who grew up in the late Fifties, I was plopped down in front of a big black and white television set as soon as I was able to sit up on my own.

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    As you explore our various features, you will see how awesome Sexchatster is.

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