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The classic Dear John letter or “we have to talk” conversations also seem to be falling out of fashion.

According to the research, 64 percent of single people reported to have been “ghosted” by a date, while 51 percent of those involved in the survey admitted to “ghosting” another individual. It’s hard to pinpoint one exact cause, but Nicole Mc Innes, Director of e Harmony Australia, told More importantly, do these new trends in how we date affect our likeliness of eventually settling down and finding love?

The answer is right there in front of your face, but you just don't want to accept it. It might not be simple to find the right person, but understanding if people are into you is easy. There's no need for any of these new dating trends or excuses when you actually want to be with someone.

Do they ignore you for days, maybe weeks, and then randomly pop back up? Did they completely fall off the face of the Earth? Are you really going to believe they like you when they only have time to talk to you every few weeks? Why would people risk falling out of communication with someone they actually want to be with? People are busy convincing themselves benching means they don't want to “totally end things.” Yeah, you're right.

It’s also the crucial time you look for the red flags that signify the person you are with is no good for you.

Love Bombing confuses your senses, so that you are blind to many of the early indicators you are dating someone horrible.

When I was a kid, I had a pink bunny that I loved to play with.

I would sleep with it and carry it around the house.



They all mean the same thing: They're just not that into you. We don't have to spend hours researching the motives and reasons you've been benched.

The enthralling, charismatic side of someone can draw you in so far to a manipulative relationship – you can find yourself faced with someone who “doesn’t act like themselves” more and more often.


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