Mariah carey derek jeter dating

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At this point, we shouldn't be surprised by anything Derek Jeter does on the field, or more precisely, anyone he is spotted with off of it. Well, that one staggered just about everybody -- let's be honest, we're not talking the cute ticket girl at the local cinema. That's about the extent of his career accolades we'll get into. December 1997 -- In one of his first boldface-name mentions, Jeter mysteriously pops up on the set of a Mariah Carey music video. Mariah Carey, fresh off a quickie divorce from music mogul husband Tommy Mottola, turns up at Yankees spring training in Florida.The private athlete admitted to People magazine earlier this year that “I look forward to being a dad.” The two have been spotted strolling New York’s streets, as well as vacationing in Rome.


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