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a87ac86 Error in case of mode conflicts with token.

fixed #996 3e80713 local replica of #1010 158ef2c same fix as #1010 1b01140 Useful information for code completion a3b2776 fix type dfced27 Added contributors from master 7a031a8 Added myself as contributor 417c208 Merge pull request #1 from antlr/master f2877d5 Prepare for merge 3bdc4b7 Merge branch 'worsht-master' ca467f2 fix merge in contrib file 7a37322 Adding name to contributors dfe05b5 Merge pull request #997 from krzkaczor/master 230221a Merge pull request #995 from ericvergnaud/fix-maven-test-scope 7b602e6 Merge pull request #993 from ericvergnaud/minor-javacript-bug-fixes 5c101e7 re-enable full csharp test suite 7beb07b SUCCESS!!!!

I commented the use-agent line from my .gnupg/(as you can see above: it's not there any more), but the agent is still started on any of the following commands: $ LC_ALL=C gpg --gen-key gpg (Gnu PG) 2.1.15; Copyright (C) 2016 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.

I moved the "problematic" files to a newly created folder (inside the owncloud folder) and deleted them from their initial location and finally the desktop client was able to synchronise them in their new location. Basically, the files are OK; they just don't get synchronised for some reason and it is possible that they finally do get synchronised at a later stage (several hours to a few days). So do you guys all have the same config as @Randie M here #12193 (comment) ? More details could help cross-reference environments to find out how to reproduce the issue." ) querying "Musique STD/2010/Calvin Harris - Thinking About You.mp3" 05-13 :836 0x153a6f0 * Discarded as is hidden! Calvin Harris - Thinking About You.mp3.~53f39eab" 05-13 :815 0x153a6f0 void OCC:: Abstract Network Job::slot Finished() 2 "Connexion fermée" 05-13 :815 0x153a6f0 void OCC:: Propagate Download File QNAM::slot Get Finished() QUrl( "https://cloud.


When building my project at C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\Compiler\Compiler V4\Compiler V4.csproj I see the build error: Error 1 Unknown build error: Could not find or load main class Studio The project will only compile if relocated to a path with no spaces. 8a4aa39 fix links 3726992 Merge pull request #1051 from parrt/move-doc-to-repo 292dce4 add more doc 5aa8b29 add more doc e107341 more doc 1c3b451 add more doc 73f0421 add more doc 586bcd2 Merge branch 'master' of into move-doc-to-repo 05b5032 Merge pull request #991 from michaelpj/sync-before-predict 3fa8cfe add more doc a71ffbe Extra 'null' check in Test Rig#process 42cb08f Add proper qualifiers to the JS and Python err Handler calls b48c86c Use correct sync method in C# codegen f6920d8 add more doc 3abca79 Add cooperra to c77c2a3 Merge pull request #1031 from HSorensen/patch-1 99f818b Merge pull request #1032 from HSorensen/patch-2 bd4200b Merge pull request #1040 from ericvergnaud/update-javascript-package 98abfc1 Update Git Hub references in npm package fd21669 add fuzzy doc 12e25a2 add lexer rule doc edc0474 add more doc a441b29 fix javadoc arg in pom, update javadoc instructions fcffaca fix index 9b682b6 add to index 3b00c09 parser rules doc in 1232e1b table messed up d6a075b mid-addition of parser rules dcbe2ae Tree Viewer: Fix NPE 147b7eb fix grammars 4d3e508 fix grammars 4aa9a6d add grammars 2401e96 add lexicon b2db71a got doc in on adding tests 7be6ff5 getting antlr build doc in d692e1f Fixed @sharwell remarks: typos and etc. When not resolved a C# compiler is generated and defaults to the parameterless method.

I traced that back to a problem with gpg-agent, all solutions of which I found online were to no avail.

I also thought about de- and re-installing gnupg and gnupg2, but shied away from that when I saw what all depends on these packages.

I think I have the same problem with Owncloud 8.03 and client 1.8.0 (build 38ef52) Here is the log from the client (owncloud --logwindow), at the moment of the error. 1" "2010/Calvin Harris - Thinking About You.mp3" 05-13 :834 0x153a6f0 void OCC:: Sync Engine::slot Job Completed(const OCC:: Sync File Item&) "2010/Calvin Harris - Thinking About You.mp3" INSTRUCTION_NEW 1 "Opération annulée" 05-13 :840 0x153a6f0 * Discarded as is hidden! Calvin Harris - Thinking About You.mp3.~53f39eab" 05-13 :845 0x153a6f0 void OCC:: Sync Journal Db::wal Checkpoint() took 0 msec 05-13 :846 0x153a6f0 void OCC:: Sync Journal Db::commit Internal(const QString&, bool) Transaction commit "All Finished." 05-13 :847 0x153a6f0 CSync run took 120377 05-13 :848 0x153a6f0 virtual OCC:: Bandwidth Manager::~Bandwidth Manager() I'm having the same issue running encrypted OC 8.03 on allinkl shared hosting / my SQL and OC client 1.81 ... It will discover for awhile, then begin the download. I found the problem: [email protected] ~/Downloads % fetch NYca Xv0EFkvqt W/download download 0% of 2552 k B 6956 k Bps 00m00s fetch: download appears to be truncated: 15493/2613596 bytes [email protected] ~/Downloads % curl -I NYca Xv0EFkvqt W/download HTTP/1.1 200 OK Server: nginx/1.8.0 Date: Fri, GMT Content-Type: image/jpeg Content-Length: 2613596 Connection: keep-alive X-Powered-By: PHP/5.4.32 Set-Cookie: oc6sh30jtvdm=4172f04245aff20db3a5e8ebb14c906f; path=/; Http Only Expires: 0 Cache-Control: must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0 Pragma: public Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=0 X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff X-Frame-Options: Sameorigin Content-Security-Policy: default-src 'self'; script-src 'self' 'unsafe-eval'; style-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline'; frame-src *; img-src *; font-src 'self' data:; media-src *; connect-src * X-Robots-Tag: none Content-Disposition: attachment; filename*=UTF-8''20150507_212737.jpg; filename="20150507_212737.jpg" Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary is correct.

I think the error comes from * Discarded as is hidden! Calvin Harris - Thinking About You.mp3.~53f39eab" * I checked on my disk and this file is not hidden and doesn't begin with a dot. the problem arises on all client platforms (linux, mac, win). It will say connection closed, etc after downloading between 500kb and 4mb. My problem was unrelated to owncloud, although I had identical symptoms.If the server just suddenly closes the connection without logging anything, it sounds like a timeout issue. STD/2010/Calvin Harris - Summer.mp3" ) FINISHED WITH STATUS 5 "Opération annulée" 05-13 :819 0x153a6f0 void OCC:: Sync Engine::slot Job Completed(const OCC:: Sync File Item&) "2010/Calvin Harris - Summer.mp3" INSTRUCTION_NEW 1 "Opération annulée" 05-13 :822 0x153a6f0 void OCC:: Abstract Network Job::slot Finished() 5 "Opération annulée" 05-13 :822 0x153a6f0 void OCC:: Propagate Download File QNAM::slot Get Finished() QUrl( "https://cloud. Clients on Mac, Android, and Free BSD all experience the same issue. Uses Apache and SQLite, behind an Nginx reverse proxy.


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