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Before you read any further be aware that Thai women are from a modest culture, so anything you say should be well-timed and prudent – don’t just act like a playboy from the get-go. Every one of the Thai phrases you learn, even in the bedroom, should go according to this principle. It is a sure-fire way to get to the bottom of hers. The more dates you go on, the more appropriate these phrases will be to say to her. Chances are you love Thailand as much as we do and you go there for a holiday from time to time, or even plan to move to Thailand!


Enjoy the next few lessons about Thenglish words, English …

Some of these reading exercises are quite lengthy; and because every individual word in every reading exercise on this site is linked directly to its definition in our dictionary, each story or article always leads to new words being added, as well as the the correction and reorganization of existing entries. Joke: Two Old People Thai Song: "The White Lotus" A New College Graduate A Poem: "Our True Friends" New Airline Rules Learn How To My Refuge Wedding Blessing for the Master of Ceremonies Flooding Has A Minor Effect on Rubber and Tourism A Poem: "Waves Crash upon the Shore" Thai Joke about School Thai Joke about Learning A Home or a Hotel A "Poem: A Care-Free Life" My Sixth Sense Nine-spotted Cat A Grey Sport?



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