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Mc Bride and his roommate testified that Leach followed Stegall to their home and attempted to speak to her on at least two occasions. Leach testified that he last saw Stegall on Saturday, March 15, when he washed her car, but five witnesses said they saw the two together on Sunday afternoon, March 16, the day Stegall was last seen alive.Two of Stegall's neighbors testified that Stegall and Leach were parked next to each other in front of Stegall's home, conversing loudly, and three witnesses who lived near Leach said they saw the pair leave Leach's apartment and drive away together in Stegall's car that same afternoon.Outside an apartment complex on Northwest Avenue, the couple wrestled the loaded gun from Leach before he could shoot.“I remember thinking: I’m not calling Jon’s parents to tell them my ex killed him,” the defendant’s ex-wife, Stacey Leach, wrote in a statement to the judge.We are very happy to discuss details of dating projects and for users of the facility to visit.For projects involving students and other researchers we encourage involvement in the laboratory procedures.Before the victim's disappearance, the victim and Leach had dated off and on for about two years and had lived together for several months in 19.


Kim said yes, absolutely, but she had a couple of questions first."I'm thinking at this point, he's either going to freak out that I remember him from camp, and I'm never going to hear from him again, or he's going to think this is really cool," Kim recalls.

“He brings a great deal of energy, passion, understands our offensive philosophy and has a great reputation as a coach and recruiter.” Sage will spend his first month on the WSU staff moving to Pullman, meeting players and, first and foremost, recruiting.

While his specific recruiting region has yet to be defined, the Cougars have at least one receiver committed, as well as a couple athletes who might wind up at that position.

“Couple that with being in the Pac-12, I think (WSU) sells itself.” He added, “I have (video tapes) dating back to 1993, 1994 of Mike Leach in some clinic he did in east Texas or west Texas or something.

Anybody who’s a sponge in this profession, trying to learn concepts and score points in football, I think you’d be a fool not to look into coach Leach’s offense.” Sage, 38, replaces Ja Marcus Shephard, who left the program after one year to coach at Purdue.

A friend of Stegall's also testified that, at a New Year's party on December 31, 1985, she heard Leach tell the victim that if he could not have her, no one else could.



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