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Kenyan hip-hop artist Octopizzo says he witnessed police officers firing live bullets on protesters and bystanders in Kibera.

Kenyan authorities deny that police used disproportionate force, but Octopizzo says he saw it for himself.

This has been an interesting and quite an unexplored theme and we have learnt a lot from the young people in the process,” said Ms Josephine Mwangi, Head of Communications and Marketing at Nailab.

Ms Mwangi said young people are heavily informed by myths that need to be debunked to help them understand sexuality conversation using technology.

UNFPA country representative Mr Siddharth Chatterjee noted that, “sustainable development cannot be achieved without assuring that all young people enjoy the dignity and human rights to expand their capabilities, secure their reproductive health and rights, find decent work and contribute to economic growth.

This is what the i Accelerator is all about.” The four finalists will go through acceleration that will run up to October.

Ethiopia’s trade in qat, a mild stimulant native to this part of Africa, is booming.


But on Tuesday, the day of the vote, many residents are leaving.

Kibera has gotten violent during the past elections.

Kenyans vote on Tuesday for a new president, and videos with phony CNN and BBC logos have popped up online to sway the elections.

Nearly half a million hectares of land are thought to be devoted to it, some two-and-half times more than was grown 15 years ago.

Many of those cultivating it have switched from coffee, Ethiopia’s biggest export, to one that offers juicier and more stable returns.

Education is highly valued in Kenya, so students work incredibly hard: many are in the Library or classrooms from 4.00 a.m.; many continue studying until 10.00 or 11.00 pm.


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