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I will happily present all of my evidence at trial, and will very soon have Gus back in my arms.

I also will continue to refuse to disparage my son's mother in public.

"Hey, everybody," says actor Jason Patric, an earnest, welcoming expression on his face, in a promotional video for Stand Up for Gus, his new nonprofit foundation.

"I want to welcome you and thank you for all your support, all your donations." The camera pans around a little boy's room, filled with a wooden crib, crayons and toys.

I will not legitimize the questions posed by Rolling Stone.

There isn't one shred of evidence to any of this slander….

» Heartbroken supermodel Christy Turlington has dumped boyfriend Jason Patric after catching the actor cuddling his old flame - Julia Roberts.

Sources are claiming that the bitter break up could pave the way for Roberts to split from lover Benjamin Bratt and reunite with Patric.

"They had a relationship that ended and I was with her for a little while and it ended," Patric tells Vulture.Jason Patric is a famous American film, stage and TV actor who portrayed as Officer Alex Shaw in the film "Speed 2: Cruise Control and also as Michael in "The Lost Boys". Acting profession runs in his family including his grandfather legendary actor Jackie Gleason, his father who is an actor-playwright and mother Linda Miller who is also an actress.While growing up in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, he went to Catholic schools like Cavallini Middle School and the all-boys Salesian Roman Catholic Don Bosco Preparatory High School."A quarter-century later there’s Kiefer and now he’s playing my brother. Let’s just leave it at that." And while most people know Patric's grandfather as Ralph Kramden in the iconic TV series "The Honeymooners," Patric says he hardly knew Gleason at all.

Something interesting about it as far as the cosmos go." One co-star Patric isn't so fond of is Judd, who appeared on stage with him in the 2003 Broadway revival of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." "I loved saying the words and working with most of the people every night.

Jason Patric has always been a fiercely private actor — that is, until now.



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