Is shia labeouf dating anyone


VENICE, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 06: Actor Shia La Beouf attends 'The Company You Keep' Premiere at the 69th Venice Film Festival on September 6, 2012 in Venice, Italy.

American Honey is not only one of the absolute best films to play at Fantastic Fest ‘16; it’s one of the best movies to come out this year, period. I still can’t wrap my head around it, but it was meant to happen.

The twosome made headlines in 2015 when they they got into a violent fight in public while vacationing in Germany, where La Beouf ended up with an injured hand and Goth was later seen with a black eye.

The 30-years-old actor has been involved in eleven relationships till date including Megan Fox and Rihanna.

Given that both of them are Hollywood stars, especially La Beouf who is so big, we'd think that the couple would have a beautiful, extravagant wedding and sell their pictures to the press! and on an entirely unrelated note out of the blue, La Beouf isn't a big fan of Donald Trump, the current and 45th POTUS But no, they went to Viva Vegas wedding chapel and took the King Todd package and got married under 0.

films -- and he's not sure whether or not his sexy costar was attached at the time to then-boyfriend Brian Austin Green, now her husband. I don't know," he says, repeating "I don't know" eight more times.

I was getting kicked out of hotels and it was just shitty, but then there she was.

Even though I was having the craziest Spring Break.


[ Shia La Beouf spewed a whole bunch of nonsense the night he was arrested.But this time, it looks like Shia is determined to turn things around!Not only is he well aware of his substance abuse, he's vowed to not touch an alcoholic beverage until he finishes shooting his movie We really hope Shia La Beouf gets the help he so clearly needs.I connected with other aspects of her – she’s free spirited, impulsive, naïve, cares a lot about her family. With Andrea, we didn’t always know the reasoning behind each day’s events, but she trusted us to create reasoning behind our own characters’ actions.


have an addiction in that once he starts drinking, he can't stop — which is exactly how the 31-year-old winded up getting arrested on Saturday.In fact, one insider claims the couple were seen grabbing groceries at a local Gelson’s earlier this month when La Beouf told the cashier that they were getting married.


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