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(39272 Views) Pregnant Alicia Keys Posts Nude Photo Of Herself With Peace Sign Painted On Baby / Alicia Keys Dating Married Man Confirmed / Alicia Keys: Don't You Just Love Her?

Alicia Keys and Jay-Z run in the same circles and have worked together in the past, but there’s some new tension surrounding Ms. In a recent interview, television personality Wendy Williams asked Alicia about her famous friends, when the singer admitted that her son, 2-year-old Egypt, has had play dates with Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter. “He told my husband, ‘Um, watch your son.’” Love it! [I've] learned to really cherish those small moments and not rush so much everywhere.” In the mean time, Alicia’s got her hands full with one little lady killer!

The Element of Freedom was released in 2009, becoming her first chart-topping album in the UK, and selling 4 million copies worldwide.Artist negotiating the changing terrain of race and ethnicity if alicia keys dating who you’re.


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