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Start airing out that tent in the back garden lads, festival season us nearly upon us!Sure what else would you be doing on Good Friday with all pubs and clubs locked up for the day other than raving down in Glendalough?

This is an amazing family-friendly festival, which takes place over the May Bank Holiday Weekend in Beaulieu House and Gardens in Co. There's a pretty deadly line-up this year including The Riptide Movement, Kila and Choice Music Prize nominees Overhead, The Albatross and Heroes In Hiding.TLC are making a documentary, Channel 4’s Pixie Mc Kenna from Embarrassing Bodies was there on Saturday. Presiding over it all is the bearded sage of matchmakers Willie Daly. The British are all about “dancing not romancing”, he believes, the Americans are all about “romancing” and the Irish visitors come for “dancing, romancing and drinking”. The 41 years in between has not dimmed his quest for love. Of course I had to come.” She’s not looking to settle down just yet.


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